Arrival in Thailand
After spending almost 10 years in Bolivia we decided it was time to return to Thailand. Mostly so Tip could spend some time with her family, but also because we were getting worried about the political and social developments in Bolivia. Its president, Evo Morales, turned out to be a power-hungry would-be dictator who´s only goal seems to be to stay in power, ignoring laws he made himself and creating more and more internal problems such as blockades, strikes, shortages etc and initiating several consecutive "foreigner registrations", demanding more and more info about our possessions etc.
In short, we felt that our welcome had run out.

Sadly it turned out virtually impossible to bring our daughter Branca (our 8 year old  Doberman Pincher) with us on the 3 long-distance flights from Bolivia to Thailand. Airlines feared she might not survive due to layovers and cargo loading and unloading and we thought that even if she would not suffer physical harm, she would surely be traumatized by the whole experience.
Thankfully Villa, a dear friend of us, had an enormous crush on her
and was delighted to take over the care for our wonderful dog.
Leaving Bolivia
After a nice farewell-dinner at the home of Ludo, the Dutch consul, and his lovely wife in Santa Cruz, we checked out of our hotel and out of Bolivia the next morning.

Check in went smoothly. One bag was slightly overweight, but they did not mind. Carry-on luggage check in about 10 seconds and no problem with our bottle of water.
Customs took one form for the both us. Migration took a bit longer because we are residents and need a extra "sticker" in case we come back.

Narcotics-check was easy for me, they checked one compartment of one bag and glanced in my pouch. Tip had to unpack her bag and was frisked by a friendly lady who talked about her family. She just needed to "fill her time"

First flight
The first flight Santa Cruz to San Paulo was not to bad. Mainly because it was not to long and it did not crash.
Second flight
After more than 14 hours and 12.400 km we are in Dubai.
It turns out that wifi on board does not mean Internet. It depends where you fly and over the Atlantic and most of Africa.. no connection.
The stewards and stewardesses made up for it by bringing us champagne and even doing a samba-impression for me (in the back of the plane, out of sight).
But, no matter how well they pampered us, 14 hours is a long, long time.
Third flight
I can no longer remember any details about this flight, except that is was longer than I wanted. A lot longer.
Luckily our seat´s had been properly arranged so no leg-room arguments during all these hours of torture. I dozed a lot and suddenly (well, not as suddenly as I had wanted) we were there.
Bangkok! The city of angels.
Well, about 30 seconds after we checked into our hotel I was only dreaming about angels.
In 1,5 hours I managed:
4 cups of, very good, coffee.
3 glasses of orange juice.
1 steamed roll.
2 croisants with real butter.
1 fried egg with bacon, potatoes and baked beans.
Some smoked salmon, some salami and 2 types of cheese.
A chinese springroll.
And to top it off, a yakult drinking yochurt.
Forth flight.
This flight was a dozy. The airport was right across the road from our hotel and their was a walk-way straight to the departure-hall.
The day before, on arrival at the international airport we had send our luggage by EMS to our "to be" hometown, so no heavy bags for us.
One hour later we landed in Nakhon Phanom where just about the entire family was waiting for us on the tarmac.

We left Samaipata on Tuesday morning... and Saturday afternoon, we finally arrived at our new home, That Phanom, Thailand.
4 flights, more than 20.000 km and several waiting-lounges and lots of jetlag.

Now it´s time to sleep. Seriously sleep.