Luckily the system is designed to get you your license, no matter how awful you drive/ride.
So when I came back, two days later (no extra charge and you can come as often as you like) all I had to do was the backwards-parking maneuver. This time I did not try to do it perfect, I just did it "just enough".

10 minutes later I walked out the door with my license, ready to do some highway damage.
Driving License
Early in the morning I joined a bunch of 16 year-olds to take my driving-license test. First I had to answer a bunch of very confusing questions, probably translated from Thai into English by a sadistic comedian (or Monty Phyton).  On the second try I scored 100%. Partly because they showed the correct answers and had a very limited question-repertoire. 

I passed the driving part at the first try with flying colors and sounds of approval. Sadly the same could not be said about my car test, an hour later.  All went well until..... the last maneuver:  parking backwards, I tried to hard and overconfident I knocked over a pylon. Damn, now I had to come back in two days to try again.