Our "test drive" is over. Lists have been made of things to improve. The work has started, but slowly and relaxed. After all, we have almost a year to get ready for the "big trip".

The date has been set. On the 10th of January 2019 we will take off from Sen Phan, Thailand (our temporary home-town) and start driving west.

Some 6 months later we should arrive in Europe, from where we'll decide what's next.

On our route to Europe we'll pass mysterious countries like Myanmar and Bhutan. Scary countries like Pakistan and Iran. Fascinating countries like India, Nepal and Turkey.  Holiday countries like Greece, Italy and France. And we’ll be passing some brand new countries like Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania and Croatia.

All in all it will be a grand adventure and we’ll keep you updated via this website and our Facebook-page with a notification on Twitter and What's-App for those who don’t want the prying eyes of Facebook in their lives.

At any time (even now) you can click on the link “We are here” on the main page of this website. It will show you exactly where we are, at the exact moment you click it. Yes, it’s magic with a tiny bit of high-tech electronics.

But for now, we are busy with the boring jobs of getting visas and vaccinations.

And now we prepare for "the big one"