The Little Boat is home... but it is hardly ready to go. The list of "problems" seems endless:
- Leaking connection between the two fresh-water tanks.
- Forward fresh-water tank is leaking.
- Both fresh-water tanks are full of fungus.
- Fresh-water level metering does not work.
- Grey-water level metering does not work.
- Kitchen tap seems not connected. (turns out it is broken)
- Drinking-water tap is connected to fresh-water tank.
- Refrigerator only works when engine is running or 220 is connected.
- Boiler does not work.
- Toilet does not flush.
- Kitchen-vent leaks when it´s raining.
- Reverse camera (or monitor) does not work.
- Left headlight does not work.
- TV does not work.
- Sound-system (4 speakers) does not work.
- Living compartment door-lock has no key.
- Cargo-hold door leaks when it rains and water collects under the kitchen.
- The living floor carpet is warn and at places rotten.
- Engine starts slow when left standing for more than a few hours.
- Living batteries are worn.
- Various electric wires have been eaten by either rats or mice.
   (They also caused the leaking fresh-water tank connection)
- There seem to be several "nests" from rodents in hidden spaces.

Then there is paperwork problems:
- The LPG-tank is not registered.
- The vehicle is registered as a public transport.

On the bright side:
- The roof aircos work
- The engine is in good shape.
- The chassis and bodywork is in good shape.

Apart from all this, I want to do some improvements:
- Cruise-control.
- Navigation system.
- Connectivity for 220 and 110 volt.
- Central door locks
- Re-upholster seats and trimmings.
- Add driving-lights and working-lights.
- Sound-proofing.
- Fit a generator.

So, plenty to do, no time to get bored.
Work... Lots of it.