We made it.

We made it safe and sound back to our home in Thailand.
After nine months and 22 countries (not counting two days in Spain) and some 40.000 Km on the road, the Little Boat rolled back into its parking spot.
It was nice to be back again. Relaxed. Not to think about the time under the shower due to the limited amount of water we carry. A big refrigerator, stacked with all sorts of yummies, and a lot of people who speak the same language and eat the same food… well, at least for Tip šŸ˜‰
"grilled"pig on the street-market… Nice, if you have a strong stomach.
But this won't be the end of it. We are already contemplating which continent is next. Australia? The Americas? Or China and Russia?
But first we have to do some work on the Little Boat. We want to completely rearrangeĀ the interior to create space for a big, fixed bed.
We also will rebuild the kitchen, this time based on gas.
And we'll build our own Lithium-based power-plant.
Plenty of work to keep us off the streets.
We'll keep you updated.
Tip & Maarten

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