The Little Boat gets a makeover

The reconstruction has now officially started.

Armed with an electric screwdriver I started to dismantle the old bed, closet and kitchen.
Not an easy task as nothing else is supposed to get damaged… and the manufacturer did its best to create an indestructible whole.
But, with the gentile persuasion of a hammer, a crowbar and, in a few cases, an electric saw… things started to come apart… in a good way.
What once was the bed
In the photos you can see what was once the bed and the hanging closet. All that is left is the boiler (that white box) and two support-studs, which used to be the storage-space backwall.
On the other side the kitchen had to go. By now I had figured out how the manufacturer thinks… so the saw and crowbar were not (yet) needed.
All that is left from the kitchen
I tried to keep the larger panels intact as I might be able to use them again. They are hollow sandwich-pannels, strong and light.
But most of it is just good for the bbq
It will be quit a while before all is ready to be re-fitted, but hey… I’ve got time and patience.

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