Time for a test-drive

So, the Little Boat has had a Wonderfull upgrade… but does it all work?  Is it what we meant it to be? That is the question we are going to get an answer to, soon.

Next week we will make a “short”test-drive. Nothing to long or far, just one month, inside Thailand.

We looked on-line for “things we have not seen yet” and marked them on/in our navi (our hyper advanced satellite navigation and orientation system, AKA OsmAnd+ on a 10 inch Samsung Tab2 tablet)

Ans we’ll travel as usual, pick the nearest “point of interest”and let the Navi bring us there via the shortest (in distance, definatly not in time) route, surprising us time and time again with scenic roads and unexpected things like ferries, mountain-passes, etc.

Although the real function of this test-drive is to test all the modifications we have done, we also plan to enjoy it… a lot.  We have been sitting at home for too long and since “real” (international) travel is still far away, this is the next best thing.  And, let’s not forget, it will be an interesting experience to see Thailand’s famous tourist attractions without any tourists. Thailands borders are still pretty much closed for tourists.

You can follow us on the main page of this website, on the tracker-map on the right side. We’ll also (try to) update our Polar-steps account regularly. (https://www.polarsteps.com/BeyondAnywhere)

So:   to be continued…


3 Replies to “Time for a test-drive”

    • Maarten

      Hey Chuck,

      The picture at the top of the page changes every time you load the page. They are from places we have been on our journeys.

      How is life on the other side (of the big pond)?


  1. David Miller

    Maarten and Tip: I had been following your adventures but unfortunately somehow I misplaced the link to your page and time went on by so I missed all of the first hand adventures in your motorhome. I was back in touch with Chuck and he forwarded the link to me. I’m totally impressed with your modifications. You are not only a world adventurer but also a first class carpenter / mechanic / everything else!! I still think back on the great adventure you took Chuck and I on in Bolivia. Definitely a once in a lifetime adventure. I am enjoying your photography, movies and production.
    Thanks again.


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