Buying the Little Boat, part 1

Before we moved to Thailand we had already decided that we would not wither away in some tiny village, eating and drinking and, finally, dying.  We wanted to enjoy and explore, and so we had decided to build a camper-van and see the rest of the world.
That plan did not go as we had hoped. It turned out that the only available “van” big enough for our plans was a Mercedes Sprinter. And it cost a whooping 100.000 US dollars!!!

Plan B
While roaming around on internet, I came across several “motorhomes” for sale in Thailand. Most of them build on a truck-chasis. Not exactly what we had in mind, but if you can’t do it the way it should be done… you should do it the way it can be done. (A lesson learned from my father).
So, while we were on a family outing at the beach, we looked at some of those motorhomes… and as it turned out, the first one we saw was a winner. A run-down winner, but affordable and spacey enough to accommodate a tall Dutchman.
Just about the right size.jpg

For the record, the second one was a bit small and basically un-drivable as it swerved from one side of the road to an other. The third one was nice but cost three times more than we planned to spend and the forth one was so tiny I could not even stand straight in it.

A bit too small.jpg        
A bit too small…
Way to small.jpg
Was too small…

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