Work, work, work…

It is 34 degrees outside and there is not a single breeze. I wish I was outside, but I am inside the Little Boat, bending my stiff old corps in weird angles to reach the unreachable. Sweat runs off my forehead, my chest, my back, my arms, everywhere. I smell like a broken septic-tank, despite a few  bottles of deodorant. It´s not even me, it´s my clothes. Sweat combined with dust, rust, mold, rat-piss and some other unidentified stuff. It feels like 50 degrees inside and it probably is. And this is supposed to be fun.

The leaking kitchen-tap.

I am trying to remove the kitchen-tap, but it´s “repaired” with 2 kilos of silicone-kit.
When we got the Little Boat, the kitchen-tap was not connected. Instead the drinking-water-tap was connected to the hot-water feed. 
Now I know why 🙁
After connecting it the way it should have been, it turned out it leaked. It was cracked. They tried to “repair” this, by covering it with vast quantities of silicone-kit, but of course they failed hopelessly. That is why they switched the taps around. Cheeky bastards
And now it was up to me to remove the broken tap, lying on my back, my head and upper torso inside a kitchen cabinet and my legs in a 90 degree angle because there simply is no space.
My face is covered by glasses and a towel to prevent dirt, dust and silicone-crumbs from falling into eyes, nose and mouth. This way I try to cut away the silicone with a knife, which only partly works.
Every 10 minutes or so, when the painful protests of the rest of my body-parts can no longer be ignored, Tip helps me to wiggle my way out of this death-trap and hands me a fresh towel to dry my aching body. 5 minutes later we do the same in reverse, to get inside again and continue this seemingly endless struggle, knowing that the next job will be just as horrible, and the next and the next…

Oh yes, it is fun to rebuild a camper-van. Especially here in Thailand, during summer.

The “fresh water tanks”are not so fresh.

But bit by bit and day by day, we tear down and rebuild this battered old lady. Often we have to improvise or invent things, because they don´t exist here. Some parts come from Europe via Amazon, but sadly this brings its own frustrations as apparently UK customer service has devolved into oblivion and quality control has not yet been invented.

My best friend is Aliexpress, a Chinese version of Amazon that seems to value its customers. Not all merchandise is up to standard, but most of it is surprisingly usable. Of course the delivery time of 1 to 2 months is a pretty horrid downside, but what can you do short of moving to the USA?

The electric installation is badly nibbled on by rats and squirrels.
After 6 months of hard labor and an all out war against mice, rats and squirrels, the old lady is now at the beauty-spa for automobiles: The painter.

We´ll stick with the same colors, but we prefer paint that does not fall off and we wanted to get rid of those horrible logos.

2017-12-13 15.48.36.jpg
Done. Ready to roll.

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