Who are we ?

Yeah, who the heck are we and why should you care?

Tip is a traditionally raised Thai woman who studied English to become a teacher. But unsatishfied with her job teaching spoiled young brats from rich parents in the south of Thailand, she decided to try her luck as a luxury-hotel receptionist in Bangkok. While waiting for her new job to start she helped a cousin in a small shop, selling souvenirs and postcards to tourists.

Maarten is, or rather was, an ICT-speciallist who kind of wondered if there was more in the world than work. So he decided to hop on his motorbike and take a look. After riding east for six months he stopped to buy a postcard in a small shop that sold souvenirs and postcards to tourists… in Bangkok.

That’s how fate works. It lays the groundwork and the rest is up to you.

Two and a half years later (Maarten first finished his journey around the world) they got married and moved to Bolivia.

In Bolivia they created a motorcycle-touring company, and ran it for ten years, in which they explored every nook and cranny of this spectacular country.

In those years Tip also got infected with the travel-bug and they decided to retire and settle in Thailand from where they would have plenty of opportunity to travel the world.

Back in Thailand they bought an old and run down motorhome and completely rebuild it into a robust travel-machine, called “The Little Boat”, and this is where this “blog” starts